Edinburgh Little Theatre is bringing this exciting interactive zombie walk through to the Famous 5 Stand at Easter Road stadium in Edinburgh. From 13th October through to 14th November, Edinburgh is getting invaded by Zombies!!

Will you get a warm welcome from ZeoBioTech’s CEO or will you see this other side?

The somewhat shady medical, corporation – ZeoBioTech have discovered a “safe”method to extract organs from zombies that can be used for human transplant.

Unfortunately a few zombies managed to escape but were caught before too much damage was done and the company have arranged site visits to its temporary facility at Easter Road Stadium to put locals fears to rest.

Join us to tour the facility, after all, what could possibly go wrong?

This event is an interactive walk through to scare and to entertain, a cross between a ghost walk and an escape room adventure, crawling through tunnels, solving problems and escaping the clutches of the “undead” horde, the Edinburgh Zombie Experience has it all!!!