This Zombie walk through is here to entertain and amuse you, with jump frights and underlying menace we hope to drop you into the scary world of the living dead.

As you firstly visit the ZeoBioTech facility, you will see how clean and clinical it all is but is this just an illusion? What is happening behind the glossy cover of this big corporation and what could possibly go wrong? Things happen and suddenly the tour changes from a sanitized site visit to an urgent need to escape.

As you crawl through tunnels, work out escape routes, solve problems that you encounter along the way and deal with the living dead, you will be escorted at all times by 2 ZeoBioTech security guards as you escape the clutches of the living dead.

  • You’ll need suitable clothing, no skirts, dresses or kilts!
  • No high heels!
  • A sense of adventure
  • A suspension of disbelief
  • No camera phones!
  • No fear! (Qualified first Aiders are also always available on site, just in case!)
  • Tena ladies and gents are available on request!

And once you have escaped the clutches of the organisation and the evil hordes you can have a restful and well earned drink in our zombie bar where photos of your experience and merchandise can all be bought at reasonable prices.

We look forward to meeting you soon at Edinburghs first interactive Zombie Experience!