Like many great zombie stories, the whole thing starts with an evil corporation pretending they know what they are doing. Let’s set the scene…

ZeoBioTech would like to address comments in the media regarding the frankly inaccurate reporting and continually referencing to our process as ‘zombie cloning’.

Stories reported in the mainstream media have however been grossly exaggerated. Whilst these stories and headlines are devised to be attention grabbing, we believe they are designed purely to destabilise and undermine us from delivering our pioneering organ replacement services.

In recent months a few of our “subjects “ have managed to escaped from our sister site, but these were quickly tracked down and returned to our facility. We wholeheartedly regret any upset and distress this has caused within the Edinburgh area and can assure people that this will never happen again.

As with any innovative medical research or radical processes, we have encountered various hurdles. Early research revealed unexpected behavioural issues with the cultivated donors. In some isolated cases a highly contagious infection has passed from donor to a few human These isolated infections have transferred via body fluid by way of skin abrasions, scratches and in a few highly irregular cases, via bites, so masks and hand gel must be worn and applied throughout our facility.

This situation has only happened in a few isolated cases and at a very early time in our research phase, and we can assure you that no surviving humans involved have any long term issues or symptoms arising from these incidents.

Whilst we can’t reveal our processes, our method of cultivating donors does involve the creation of a non human host these are used in our process along with some infected humans. These hosts have no self awareness or consciousness and are treated ethically and sympathetically. They are kept in secure areas within our research facility with the best security system currently on the market and our guard staff are highly trained to handle both these subjects and any situation arising within our facility.

So to give our local population peace of mind, We are opening our doors to the public… Trust is something to be earned. Therefore, we have designed this temporary facility at Easter Road Stadium to show the general public how our facility works. From 13th October 2021 to 14th November 2021 the general public can tour ZeoBioTech’s Edinburgh Research Facility, after all, what could go wrong? This exhibit and facility walk through will show the general public our innovation in action.

This unprecedented move is being offered to address the recent negativity and rightly showcase ZeoBioTech’s pioneering research and cutting edge technology in the field of human organ replacement.